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LIFE-CHANGING: From Suicide Bomber to Legend? Cult Figure?


This story is about a young man who sets out to be a Suicide Bomber but ends up doing something great...something that changes the fate of generations, like Thomas Edison did when he invented the Light Bulb; moving humanity from kerosene lamps to something cleaner, easier and safer. However, this young man eclipses the man who invented the Light Bulb. To see how let us start with the later.

As a child I read the story of Thomas Edison, who created the Light Bulb, after failing '100 times.' That story made such an impact on me as I imagined a man in overalls working from dusk to dawn, moving from failure to failure without getting discouraged, and then celebrating like football star when he finally attained success...

I was moved to see that greatness is in all of us, and that we can overcome any challenges regardless of how big they may appear. We just need to have the determination not to give up!

If that story can change a life, wait till you read the story behind this post!

On Christmas Day in 2009, I heard about a guy, about my age, from my Country, who had been sent to blow up a Plane full of innocent people heading to the United States. For some reason however, he did not carry out his mission, and so the plane landed safely, saving over 300 lives.

The media went wild! During the media inquest it was stated that he had attended school in Yemen where he had been indoctrinated with Suicidal thoughts. His masters in Yemen had trained him, procured the bomb, and sent him to kill himself and nearly 300 others, while they had stayed back, in safety and comfort to wait for the news of the death of my fellow Black Man.

Is that not the very Height of Mental Slavery? 

That got me thinking. I started making as much findings about the guy as I could, and from my notes came the Idea for my book. Today, Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber by Ike Pius can be found on all major online bookstores, and has achieved a total reach of over 40,000 people by my modest personal count. This figure is going up everyday and with it the potential to reach even more people! You can check it out on google if in doubt.

So you see, a guy sets out to be a Suicide Bomber but ends up starting a movement that will be here long after he has left this Earth. Even without his knowledge he has raised the consciousness of more than a few people... He has made us ask questions! Our eyes have been opened and now we know better!As a result we will never be slaves again!

But this Post is not about me, it is about Readers like You!

Philip, a young man from Ghana was moved to call this story 'A Must-Read for Everyone.' He was further moved to say 'I wish more of my Compatriot Africans would read this.' He was clearly moved by the mind opening facts presented in this story. He came to see that we have our own Cause for which we should be fighting, and that most of us are just pawns on foreign Chessboards-sacrificed at will in the Game of Supremacy.

But what about you reading this? Have you freed yourself from such influence? Maybe you would like to.. This is a good place to start: Read Philip's full Review Here.

Romeo, an African American was moved to say 'A very Sentimental Story with much Food for Thought.' He saw that the author is not just pushing an ordinary story, but a movement of Enlightenment. He commented that Africa should not be ground zero in the fight between the Arabs, and the Americans, or between the Religions they profess. Why should an African kill his fellow African in a bid to please an Arab?
It is difficult to continue to write about Romeo's passion for this Story without giving too much away. But it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the man has gained a new level of Consciousness. Surely, now he can reach higher, and achieve anything he wants to! You may want to read Romeo's Full Review.

Read and Open your Mind

What will you gain by reading this book? After reading this story you are sure to ask questions like why should we take orders from Arabs and Whites on Religious grounds? Why should we Africans fight and kill one another over religious ideologies that we can never fully understand or be part of? Why do we not channel or energies into building a better society for ourselves and our children? How long do we continue to wallow in Mental Slavery?

Would you like to appear on this blog? Would you like to add your voice to this movement? Great idea! All you have to do is read the book and write a review! If you have questions you could contact the author via twitter @ikepius or email: gaius7online(at)

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