Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Reasons Why More Black People are Turning to Atheism.

Morgan Freeman is not the only Black Celebrity who has turned his back on Religion, across the board it seems like Atheism is the happening thing among the Black Celebrity Community.

But this piece is not about Jay-Z or Morgan Freeman. This is not another useless Celebrity gossip article. This post is about real people like you and me who have woken up from their long unconscious slumber. In this article we examine 5 reasons why Atheism is on the rise in the Black Community.

1. Celebrity Influence

Celebrity commands attention and influence. As more Celebrity Actors, Singers and Sports Athletes come out as Atheists, their followers -particularly the young and impressionable- will continue to adopt this 'cool' lifestyle. Many will take to reading the many books and articles on the subject, and will no doubt be impressed by the sound and logical arguments presented therein.

But Celebrity Influence is for Children. The next 5 points are for mature minds, able to think for themselves. Read further.

2. Slavery:

Anyone with a basic knowledge of history knows that both the Bible and Quran were used to justify Slavery. Black people today find it quite difficult to follow Religions that promote the idea that other races are favored, and thus entitled to possess people of other races as property.

Slavery still exists in the Arab world today, and many Black people still live without any sense of personal identity.

Some forms of Slavery that exist today are sex slavery, child pornography, and child soldiering.

Many believe that Religion is Just a Modern form of Slavery, and that the Chains have moved from our necks to our minds. (Have You Seen the Book of Freedom?)

3. They Do not Feel Connected.

One man said 'Jesus was sent to the Jews, Mohammad was sent to the Arabs, Confucius to the Chinese... Who was sent to Us?' The Black community is increasingly feeling disconnected with the Religious Establishment- losing its sense of belonging.

This is worsened by the fact that no Black man has ever become Pope or Khalifah. Traditionally, we do not rise to positions of prominence within the Church or Mosque. For sure, one or two Black people may be recruited to pose as leaders, but it is safe to say that they will always be the minority. 

Besides, it will take more than one or two black people wearing white robes to convince us that we are not being deceived.

4: Economic Insincerity

The following is Dialogue that happened during an argument between a Christian and Muslim:

Muslim: 'The kind of money your Pastor makes every week, it surprises me that many of your members are so poor.'

Christian: 'Your Masters in Saudi Arabia have private jets to fly their pet birds and cheetahs around, while watching from above as their subjects fight and starve to death on the ground.'

That sums it all up quite well. No sincere human being with compassion the size of a grain of corn can indulge in a life of luxury and reckless spending, while ignoring the hunger, disease, and homelessness that abound all over the place. A loving God would surely reject these so called holy men... As many people do already.

5. Immoral Conduct of Religious Leaders

If you were not living under a rock then you likely did not miss the news of Catholic Priests who were found to be pedophiles, taking advantage of their respected positions to sexually prey on children. Even though a Pope came out to apologize for this behavior, it is particularly sad that no consequences were brought upon the Priests. As you read this post, some of them may be making a list of their next potential victims.

In Islam however, there is no shock. It is permissible to have children from other cultures as sex-slaves.

6. Politics, War, Terrorism

Every election season it is quite common to hear politicians say 'God told me to run for President.' That has to be the most blatant piece of falsehood in these modern times! How could God tell 3 or 4 people to run for President at the same time? Thankfully, they often do not win the Elections.

As Religion continues to join hands with politicians and business interests to stir up wars (the Iraq Invasion is an example), many continue to lose faith.

The rise of Terrorism, and the subsequent War against it, is just a matter of a power struggle between the East and West. The East want to impose Sharia on the West, and the West want to impose Democracy on the East. They are locked in a struggle for Dominance and we Black People are just dying for a War that should not concern us.

  Hopefully, this short piece has been helpful. But if the reader is not lazy, and still thirsts for more knowledge then the following resources could be useful:

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