Tuesday, 9 May 2017

No Longer Fools

                'You can fool some People sometimes but you can't fool all the People all the time' - Bob Marley.

Before we seek the Light we have to admit that we have been in Darkness. Before we seek Freedom we have to admit that we have been in Chains. Mental Chains! Mental Chains so mysteriously powerful that we did not even know we had them around our minds! I mean when a person has Malaria for example he has symptoms that tell him so. These may include Pains, Sweating, Fever, Headaches and so on. In order to regain his health he may need to see a doctor, take certain medications, and make some Lifestyle Changes.

Who can say that he has never been cheated in Love, in Finance/Business, in his Social Life? Surely, the Symptoms would include Heartbreak, Crying, an empty Bank Account, Lack of Appetite, Loneliness, and in extreme cases Suicidal Thoughts.

But what if I told you that you are being cheated right now, (by Religion, by Politicians, by the Media, by your Teachers... etc) but you cannot detect it because the very organ that you are supposed to detect it with (your mind) is what is compromised? 

Have you ever seen someone who is high on drugs or alcohol? He thinks he is talking well, walking well, acting well, but it is those around him, who care for him that are affected by his behavior. A mother could cry for her son. Now hear this: We are all drunk! Completely drunk!! Shamefully drunk!!!
Looking at what we have become, God must be weeping for us!
But enough is enough... it is time to break free!

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